Parish Data Systems software is a powerful tool that can help an active parish make the most of its resources. In order to help our clients use the software more effectively, we offer a number of services to improve their performance:

Off-Site Backups
Protecting the information in your database programs not only maintains the integrity of your information, but offers peace of mind to our busy end-users. At DPI we offer easy offsite storage of your PDS data via FTP (file transfer protocol). Your data is uploaded to our secure server and can be restored by you whenever the need arises. To speak with a tech about the value of off-site backup, us at 877.455.9300 or click here

Other Services
In addition to the basics, we are able to offer highly individualized support for clients who are interested. These include:

  • Custom Report Writing
  • Scanning Services
  • Data Repair/Analysis
  • Data Transfers
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