Off Site Backups

Desktop computers are, without a doubt the workhorse of the parish offices. The tasks they assist us with are incredible.  We often forget that computers are machines with working parts that can,  break down. If you’ve ever arrived at your desk ready to work, booted up your computer, and encountered the “blue screen of death”, you know how important that piece of machinery is to you. A quick call to the Diocesan Publications Software Department for support should set you on the road to recovery, but, we will need a backup of your datain order to get you back to work.

Backups are too often overlooked. You think that you’ve taken a to a cd, but when you find the cd it’s cracked. Or you’ve taken the backup to a flash drive, but the flash drive is not to be found.   A safe, secure alternative is to backup your data on a regular schedule to our secure offsite server. We can provide you peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and eaisly retrieved.

Below are the FAQ’s for our FTP backup service

q. What is an FTP off-site backup?

a. As the name implies an FTP off-site backup is a backup that is stored in a location other than your parish office.  The backup is saved “offsite” using “File Transfer Protocol”.  FTP is an internet standard method for transporting files and data between two locations.

q. Do I need to install anything special to use the FTP backup service?

a. No, Parish Data products have all the necessary software components to perform the backup without the use of 3rd party software.

q. How often should I backup?

a. We recommend at least once a week.  Backing up after large data entry batches is also a good idea.  Additionally it is recommended that you set your PDS program to backup locally once a week as well.

q. What happens to my older backups when I backup each week?

a.  Our service allows for your 3 most recent backup files to be saved on our servers, when you send the 4th backup, the oldest of your existing files will be replaced by the newest backup file, ensuring you are always protected.

The standard cost is $30 a program per year,  however if your Church has an SBS contract, the price is discounted 20% for a total cost of only $24 annualy.

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