Facility Scheduler

As parish ministries grow, keeping track of who is using which meeting space can be a challenge. PDS Facility Scheduler™ removes the worry from scheduling events for your church’s or organization’s facilities. With this specialized software, you can simplify the most complex scheduling processes, eliminate conflicts, and maintain regular communication with facility users.  Facility Scheduler will prevent you from overbooking, or missing key details for setup or cleanup requirements.


Facility Scheduler



  • Determine who has access to each area of the program so that you can keep confidential records private. The system administrator can decide who can view or change data.
  • Set up a password system, and stay informed with a log of users’ activities in the program.


  • Start immediately and simply with step-by-step wizards to schedule a year’s worth of recurring events as easily as a one-time event.
  • Don’t worry about being limited by the system. You can schedule event packages that require multiple facilities over a series of days.
  • Quickly check the availability of any facility for any time or date range.
  • Make sure the financial side is handled appropriately. You can track charges and payments credited and due.


  • Make it convenient for everyone at your church – print calendars for posting at each facility resource.
  • Take your calendars online with no design experience required. Just create the Web calendar in the program and publish it to your Web site.
  • Maintain contact information for both organization leaders and facility administrators.
  • Take advantage of the program’s compatibility with other PDS solutions, and import contact information from PDS Church Office™, PDS Formation Office™, or PDS School Office™.


  • Maintain flexibility by generating daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendars.
  • Maximize your time and efficiency with the ability to create reminder letters, billing statements, envelopes, and labels directly from the program.
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