Phone Support Options

Previously, support packages and program upgrades were sold separately. The cost of new software upgrades (an average of $300 every 12-18 months) resulted in churches falling behind and using outdated versions. Our Subscription Based Support and upgrade program (SBS) eliminates these concerns by providing the latest PDS software versions for your church – for free – as a part of your subscription support contract. In addition, our SBS clients receive on-site fees, custom reports, and training at a 20% discount.

SBS pricing is determined by the programs your organization uses, and is billed quarterly based on PDS pricing policy at the time of invoicing.

♦ You can begin using SBS if you are on version 5 or higher. Contact our office to get your programs upgraded if you are not up to date with the most current version available.
♦ Parishes under 300 families receive 20% off the listed prices, and parishes under 100 families receive 40% off (certain restrictions apply).
♦“Unlimited phone support” is restricted to supporting the use of PDS software in a church, school, or other office environment for which it was designed. All standard functions of the software can be discussed and assisted with. Support for the ‘advanced report writer’ is not included; however, some techs may from time to time answer simple questions only as time and aptitude permit. Hardware problems, particularly network and server issues, are not covered as part of our phone support service.
♦If you are a Diocesan Publications Bulletin client, you may wish to contact your sales representative to
discuss whether it is possible to have this support covered under your Bulletin Publishing Agreement.

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